Can One Person Impact the World?

On August 30, 2019, at the Stan Mansion in Chicago, Illinois, I was crowned the First Global Next Impactor.  That night was the culmination of over nine months of a “reality style” social media competition.  The call went out towards the end of 2018 all over the world to those who felt they had a cause, movement, or message to make a global change.

Over 200 people heard the call and joined the race.  There were many twists and turns with “Mission Impossible” type challenges, and teams with high level coaches throughout the “game.”  It was said that we were not running against each other, we were running against time.  How true, how very true


One year later as we embark upon the Second Season of “The Global Next Impactor”, I reflect back as I sit here and think, “Can one person really impact the world?”  

A student of history, I have studied those who have been able to effect change.  We have examples of those who have changed the world for both the good and the bad.  They all have something for us to learn.  The most common thread I see with those I have studied, is that they have been able to share a vision and get others to see it too. So much so, that people have followed these visionaries to the ends of the earth.

Holding the title “The First” of a brand is a great responsibility and one I believe in.  It is one that says you can have entertainment while making it fun and interesting, and that good can actually come from it too.” There can be change made from a “Reality Show.”

Who am I and what is my message that could possibly impact and change the world?  I am just like those I have studied who have gone before me.   Living life has given me opportunities to grow.  Those “opportunities” could also translate into what some might even call traumas. I believe that nothing is given to us that we cannot overcome.  It can be tough though.  Some of my favorites in history were far from perfect.  In fact, that may be just the reason why they were my favorites. They are the real deal.

Not long ago I set out to find those who were able to effect change before the internet.  I figured they had a bigger challenge than we do now with the tools we currently hold.  We have it so much easier, in some ways.  Yes, we have to rise above the noise, yet, I believe, it is possible today to make a difference unlike any other time in history.  

One of my favorites is Sir Winston Churchill.  In studying this man, you will find someone who was loud, opinionated, willing to do it his way, and someone who came into the world at a time he was needed.  In one of his speeches he shared the words I always tell myself, “To never, ever, ever give up!”


There are many others I love to learn about in addition to Mr. Churchill, as well as the eras they were from.  We have many examples of how one person in the past has impacted the world.

So, can it be done now?  Looking at our world now in 2020, how do I believe I will be able to pull off the title I have been given?  Do I have what is needed?  No, I do not, not alone!  No one person can impact the world alone. No human that is.  Yet, those I studied did not affect change alone.  They inspired others to join them.  Then, those who were inspired went on and inspired more.  Before you knew it, a movement was started and change happened.

What is it that I believe I can do to impact the world?  That answer is simple, yet I know it is not going to be easy.  I do know it is completely possible!  We are going to change the way cancer is done, one “buddy” at a time.  Yes, a big statement, and one I believe is completely doable.  How?  By using the tools of our time.

Like those I have studied, you must first look at your available resources.  Back in the time of Sir Winston Churchill, he had tools at his disposal that were not available to leaders one hundred years before.  You see, it is all relative.


Today, we have the internet, smart phones, and abilities to communicate throughout the world easily.  The possibilities for change are at our fingertips if we believe we can make the change.  Mindset.  Yes, a popular word, yet so true.  You must believe, see the vision, share the vision then create massive action to achieve the vision.

What comes into your mind when you hear me say that we will change how cancer is done?   I am sure many would answer that question in a variety of ways.  I do not have a medical background and I am not a scientist.  I am not even a college graduate for that matter, yet I believe in this mission and have dedicated my life to it.  This is my qualifier.  I am a cancer survivor of five years this month.  I am one of five people in one family line that has heard those words, “You have cancer.”  My grandfather and my mother both died from complications of their cancer.  My brother, my daughter and myself are all survivors.  All different cancers and different stages.  Yet, with this family situation, truthfully it is not uncommon.

What is unique is timing.  When I was going through my cancer, my mother was too, yet we did not know it.  You can read about this part in the upcoming book that is being written and will be published by the same group that publishes this magazine.

How am I, with the help of others, going to change cancer throughout the world?  By building a movement called, “The Buddies Network.”  Think of a matching site meeting an online community with humor, hope and heart.  Ok, I know, you are thinking, “I have read this far for this?”  Yes, you have!  It is simple and it will work.  I have witnessed it.  Doctors and nurses have too.  We know it will work and it is time!  

The medical world is figuring out that the heart and mind really do have something to do with healing.  And, if isolated while facing cancer, your chance of making it to the five-year mark decreases.

How do I know this works? This program is patterned after myself and my original buddy.  And to date, we have had multiple people involved to a point that doctors have seen a difference and asked what their patient was doing different.  Like I said before, a simple concept, not easy to pull off, yet we are doing it and will not stop until it is available to anyone throughout the world who is in need.

Where are we in the process of creating “The Buddies Network” to be able to take it global?

We have social proof that our programs work.  We have been building these programs for the last couple of years organically and manually.  Now it is time to use the tools available to us. We must use the internet and smartphones to go global.  As you can imagine, what we are building is huge.  A team of volunteers has joined me in building this movement.  We are calling ourselves, “The Dream Team.”  

What do we need to bring our impact to the world?

We need you!  We need buddies to join us.  We need companies to join us as sponsors.  We need volunteers throughout the world to say, “Yes, I see it.  It is time.”

What would you do to have one more day with someone you lost due to cancer?

Many of us have lost family, friends, or someone we knew and cared for due to cancer.  The huge thing to know is that we support not only the patient, we are also here for those who love and support that patient.  Even if that patient has “earned their wings.”  

This is a massive movement.  We are now in a few countries; and I know we will be completely global without a doubt.  There will be a time when someone hears they have cancer and they will automatically know their next step will be to get a “buddy.”  Will this happen by the end of 2020 or by the time I pass the “Impactor Trophy” to the winner of the Second Season next year?  

I am not sure when, yet, I know it can!  Will you help to make this happen?  Go to and join us.  Become a buddy, a donor, a sponsor, a volunteer and share this movement with others.  We can and will change the way cancer is done, one buddy at a time.  My only question is when? My hope is that it will be as soon as possible.  Every day there are new buddies that need us.  Join me and YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TELL OTHERS and the world: “Yes, one person can impact the world” and that one person was me!

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