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Tamara L Hunter. The First Global Impactor. Creator, Producer, and Host of The Service Hero Show and The Tour of Love Show. Speaker. Best-Selling Author. Coach. Successful Business Builder. The Movement Maker. Grandmother, Mother. Daughter. Overcomer of obstacles: disabilities, abuse, cancer. Tamara is a woman who never gives up. Every experience in her life has created a foundation of strength, ability, and passion for healing through connections. If you could only take one thing away from meeting her, it would be the unshakeable knowledge that if it’s meant to be, it will be and Tamara is the catalyst that many will use to make it happen.



From an early age, Tamara knew to her core that she was meant to accomplish something that would change the world as we know it. And so, as she lived her life, she kept an eye out, always asking herself, is this it?

Born with a deformity of her mouth, Tamara was virtually impossible to understand until the age of 5. In addition, with severe allergies, she essentially grew up “in a bubble”. This allowed her to become an observer of people, how they communicate and connect, with and without words. She became attuned to the undercurrents and was able to discern the motivations that behavior always revealed.

Because of these health “opportunities”, she spent a lot of time with her grandfather who taught her the old-fashioned values of high integrity, work ethic, and the importance of community; and challenged her with humor to find other ways to serve, other ways to win, and other ways to connect. Additionally, her mom NEVER lowered expectations and always encouraged her that she could be or do anything she set her mind to.

These lessons are so ingrained that they’ve carried her through life… where yes, there were obstacles, and she always, always, always found her way around them. And yet, she’s never embraced the “victim” mentality any of these obstacles presented. They were simply events that happened in life, she learned from the experience and moved forward, with more strength and more resolve, always keeping an eye out for that “thing” that was her soul’s purpose.

Lest this sound like every single thing was hard and depressing, we do have to mention the successes and joys, because there were many… she graduated from high school at 16, she was invited to a full scholarship in a dance school, she was a model, a top “headhunter”, and essentially has accomplished anything that she’s set her mind to, particularly when she surrounded herself with teams. “It’s never easy for me. I’ll always work harder, and I’ll always find a way to win.”

And then… like 1 in 3 Americans, she heard the words, “You have cancer.” And yet, since she’d seen this before with her grandfather, her mother, her brother, and her daughter, she knew what to expect. Add in being a girl scout, she was prepared for anything… except what happened: a near death allergic reaction to the chemotherapy.

Luckily the daughter of another patient asked her if she was okay. Moving forward, the mother became her original chemo buddy. They would laugh and have fun – “raising the frequency” of the sterile medical environment. The nurses and doctors all said that they needed to “bottle what you have” to share with others.

In an instant, everything clicked into place, her life’s purpose was revealed, it was up to her to share with the world that “There is healing through connection”. No matter what disease or trauma you’ve experienced, you are NOT alone.

And if you have a way to bring healing to the world, and you need to build a community around that, Tamara wants to connect with you and support you to inspire, ignite, and impact the world.



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