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My big dream life series

5 Books My Big Dream life

You’re checking out this 90-day workbook and journal because you are dreaming of a bigger better life for yourself. And you’re searching.  Well, I’m glad you found me and My Big Dream Life Series.  At a time when I was looking for something to help ignite, inspire and impact the world, I was inspired to share the very tools that I use and have used to create an impact in the world.

Here’s what I believe, You have the power within you to inspire, ignite and impact your own life.

All it takes is a bit of inspiration, a lot of grace, and daily work to get you there. This series of 90-day workbook and journals is laid out to support you as you build the daily habit of igniting, inspiring, and impacting yourself and those around you.

Here’s how this 90-Day workbook and journal will support you in realizing your “Big Dream Life”:

  • Reveal Your Big Dream In Writing
  • Reclaim Your Desires
  • Take Stock Of Where You Are Right Now
  • Reset Your Intentions
  • Map Out The Path To Your Dreams With Monthly Planners 
  • Daily Intention Worksheets & Habit Trackers
  • Daily Reminder To Reflect & Record Your Progress
  • Daily Quotes To Inspire, Ignite And Impact Your Journaling And Creativity
  • BONUS gifts inside to keep you inspired and cheer you along the way.
My Big Dream Life: Be Your Own Change by Tamara L Hunter Book Cover

My big dream life:
Be Your Own Change

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” How true. Each day we wake up is our day to own. It is our day to ‘be our own change.’ The focus of this book is giving you the tools to create your main intention and 6 sub-intentions which will result in the change you wish to see. Each day you will create your own mantra and celebrate the wins towards your “Big Dream Life.”

My big dream life be kind by tamara l hunter cover

My big dream life:
Be Kind
Dare Yourself
To Live Fully!

You’re checking out this 90-day workbook and journal because you are willing to “do the work” daily. I encourage you to take a look, start the journey toward your “Big Dream Life”, and serve yourself some kindness along the way. In doing so, you will create a ripple effect of kindness in the world.

My Big Dream Life: Imperfectly Perfect by Tamara L Hunter Book cover

My big dream life:
Perfectly Imperfect

Probably the book I need the most; at times… wink-wink! For those who tend to seek ‘perfection’ it is great to realize that you are off the hook… it is healthy! Allowing ourselves to be “Perfectly ImPerfect” is where it is at. Finally, a 90-Day Workbook and Journal focusing on the fact that we are perfectly imperfect and encouraging us to embrace that fact. We can work towards our “Big Dream Life” in healthy ways, and enjoy the ride as we do!

My Big Dream Life: Dreams Are Possible by tamara L hunter book cover

My Big Dream Life:
Dreams Are Possible

What if you knew that you would never fail? What if you knew that whatever you dreamed was possible? What if?  Here’s what I know: All things are possible when you believe and do the work. I know that you CAN realize your “Big Dream Life if you write and speak your dream, if you set your intention, if you choose habits that support you in realizing that dream. I know it’s up to you.

Your Big Dream Life: Let your dreams be your wings by Tamara L Hunter Book Cover

My big dream life:
Let Your Dreams Be Your Wings

Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to take flight! Or maybe we need to kick ourselves out of our own nest… especially after COVID and everything we have been through over the last couple of years. Now is your time to fly! Let your dreams take you towards your “Big Dream Life.” Be inspired by daily quotes and allow them to ignite your passion towards achieving the life you see for yourself.

Tamara L Hunter in Blue Jacket

About The Author

Tamara L. Hunter, an overcomer of disabilities, domestic abuse and cancer, she is a woman on a mission to change the world. She is determined to shine the light on and bring awareness to, “Healing Through Connections.” Tamara has earned many nicknames, one of them is, “The Movement Maker.” President and Co-founder of a nonprofit cancer support community, The “First Global Next Impactor.” CEO of Impactor Press. Creator, Producer and Host of “The Service Hero Show” and “The Tour of Love TV Show.” Two-time best-selling author. Keynote speaker, Emcee and Red-Carpet Interviewer. She credits her accomplishments to her deep beliefs and working each day towards living her own ‘big dream life.’