what is the tour of love give-a-thon?

The International Tour of Love is our primary fund-raising event for CB4L. This is our 3rd annual venture into streaming LIVE for 36-hours. This year we’ve moved beyond Facebook to include YouTube, e360tv platform and it’s affiliated channels, streaming live to millions of viewers throughout the world.

This 36-hours is a modern-day take on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and will feature LIVE musical acts, comedy spots, and other entertaining and educational programming.

Each segment is related to one of our methods of healing… Healing Through Connections, Music, Arts, Comedy, Nature, Science, Awareness, Magic, and so much more!

Tour Of Love

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Tamara L. Hunter | President & Co-Founder, CB4L.ORG | (951) 501-9939 | TLHUNTER@CB4L.ORG

All levels of sponsorship are considered charitable contributions and therefore tax-deductible.