On August 30, 2019 I became the very first “Global Next Impactor”. This is the story of my journey, what the competition is, and why it is a key component in my plan to change the world.

Let me begin with telling you about the competition itself and how I got involved. I actually had no idea what it was myself. I did, however, know that I wanted to work with one of the coaches involved, Jason Sisneros, in the program. So, I took the idea to my Senior Ambassador, Sharon Nichols Ward, and she convinced me to enter, because the movement NEEDED us to win. Admittedly, I dipped my toe in and kind of gave it a half-hearted effort. I studied the competition and bided my time until I was together with friends and colleagues who encouraged me and spurred me on to make the video.

We started the work, plugging away, fitting it in between other obligations. And then, Sharon, my cheerleader took a turn for the worse… and she challenged me to focus, on making an impact on the world, and making it entertaining. So at this point, I gave my full energy and focus to it, got a campaign manager, Tamara Linnan, started making calls, calling in markers, emailing, and took a strategic approach to winning.

This is a reality show gone right. Every single thing that was asked of us was actually part of a complex formula to ensure that you have the skills to take your message globally.

On the night that the Top 50 were Announced, Mikey Adam Cohen was my co-host for the most obnoxious watch party. When we both made the cut, the crowd went wild, our phones were ringing and buzzing so much that we finally turned them off.

So when I finally turned my phone back on the next morning, it was to the news that my biggest cheerleader, friend and Senior Ambassador, Sharon Nichols Ward had passed only an hour after hearing that I’d made the cut. For personal reasons, the family chose to only have one celebration of her life, and I was honored to be the host, LIVE. It was during this celebration that I made a commitment on air to go all in, and win this thing in her honor, and to those “angels” who have moved on.

In true Tamara style, once I’ve made that promise and had the prize in my sights, I gave it 110% and brought in all resources I could, both the obvious and a full stealth team. I joined Team Todd Speciale, and learned the ins-and-outs of the competition and took a laser-specific approach to winning. With “Mission Impossible” themed challenges, fund raising, vote securing and team building the amount of time and energy was extensive.

In the next phase, the cut to the top 25 it was announced that each contestant must film and submit a short, “Hometown Video.” There was very little instruction given, except “Tell us where it all started”.

Spurred on with the end in sight, Tamara pulled together all members of her teams, from the very public Team TamaraS, Team Todd Speciale, her Buddies Network, to the stealth team working behind the scenes for the final push.

With the announcement of the winner, my first thought was, “Mom, I did it! I kept my promise to you and Sharon. We will make sure that no one has to face cancer alone throughout the world, one buddy at a time.”

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Finally! a simple ebook that reveals what it takes to change the world. You will learn who YOU need to be, how invested in your message, and how to connect with your ideal audience.

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