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On November 18, 2020, I, Tamara L. Hunter became an “Amazon Bestselling Author” in three categories, Divorce (Kindle Store), Two-Hour Parenting & Relationships Short Reads, and Biographies of Artists, Architects & Photographers (Kindle Store).

Mastering Our Mountains was published by HAWAII Way and released first in the Kindle version. 

The eighty-three page book shares inspiring stories of those who have faced tough “mountains” and how they “mastered” them to become the strong people they are today.

A Day To Remember

At 12:00 Noon Pacific Standard Time, just as I started the Service Hero Show, there was a notification in the digital studio.  When I checked to see what was said, Season Burch, the CEO of HAWAII Way Publishing let us know we had all just become “Best-Selling Authors.”

By the time the show was about to come to a close, “Mastering Our Mountains” was an “Amazon Bestseller” in two categories.

My fellow Authors, Jennifer Baker, Craig Nielson, Kim O’Neal, Chase Savanna Marmolejo, Jojo Townsell, Veronica Rozenfield, Colleen Butler, Joel Peterson, Jeff O’Neal and myself had all achieved this together while Streaming Live on the e360tv platform to 80 million screens.

While this moment was happening my immediate thought was, “I wish my mom was here to share this accomplishment with me.”  Then my second thought, “She knows, she knows.”

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